10 Highest Paying Cities for Tech Jobs

Recruiting firm study shows that California cities still lead the list of high paying technical positions. 

10-highest-paying-cities-for-tech-jobsIn a recent study of tech sector hiring trends, recruiting firm CyberCoders has announced the highest paying U.S. cities for technology jobs. In general, well known tech hubs like San Jose, San Franscisco and New York’s silicon alley scored well for salaries, while smaller cities paid slightly less than their big city counterparts.

“We know that demand, cost of living, and the types of companies located in a city have an impact on how competitive each job market can be, based on salary. It is clear from our data that the well-known technology cities remain strong for providing the highest paying positions for technical careers,” said Heidi Golledge, CEO and founder of CyberCoders.

“This year we are seeing an increase in salaries for positions in mobile development,” said Matt Miller, chief technology officer of CyberCoders. “Some of the highest-paid candidates are those who have multi-platform skills and can design and code for the fast paced, ever-changing world of mobile applications.”

Research also confirmed that the average yearly salary for the same position can vary significantly based on location. For example, a .NET developer in San Francisco makes on average $98,750.00 dollars a year, while in Los Angeles a .NET developer’s salary is listed as $86,875 a year.

“The Bay area continues to dominate when it comes to tech, and companies in the area should expect to pay top dollar for this highly competitive talent pool,” added Miller.

Top 10 Cities for Technology Jobs by Pay*

  1. San Jose                     $119,412
  2. San Francisco             $112,739
  3. New York                    $105,192
  4. Washington, D.C.        $99,618
  5. Boston                         $99,099
  6. Los Angeles                $96,705
  7. Brooklyn                      $96,696
  8. Philadelphia                 $95,929
  9. Chicago                       $94,899
  10. Dallas                          $94,799

*2011-2012 Data Evaluating 3,000 technology salaries

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