5 Interview Mistakes

Some interview mistakes are minor missteps, but others are major blunders. Here are five interview mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

5-interview-mistakesThere are a lot of things that can go wrong in a job interview. Some of those things may be completely beyond your control. For example, it’s possible that your interviewer will be having a bad day or will decide he just doesn’t like you based on the sound of your name.

But for the most part, the things that can go wrong in an interview are entirely within your control. To score with employers, you’ll need to do your research and go out of your way to avoid a handful of truly lethal interview mistakes.

  • Wrong Attire. Employers form their first impression about you based on your clothing. Most job applicants have a bead on interview dress codes, but every once in a while someone decides to make a statement by dressing way outside the lines. Interviewers are universally unimpressed with fashion rebels, so do your research and match your clothing to the employer’s expectations.
  • Chummy Dialogue. In an effort to avoid coming off as cold or detached during the interview, some jobseekers swing to the opposite extreme and treat the interviewer like an old high school buddy. Friendly is good, but it should never cross over into the types of conversations you might have over drinks with close friends.
  • Trashing Former Employers. For some reason, a percentage of jobseekers seem to think that trashing their former boss is an effective strategy for gaining the trust of interviewers and employers. It isn’t. In fact, once a job applicant starts to talk badly about their current or former boss, they are usually disqualified as a candidate because sooner or later, the new employer will likely find themselves in the jobseeker’s crosshairs.
  • Rude or Abnormal Behavior. It’s a little sad that we have to add this one to the list, but you would be surprised to hear some of things jobseekers have done during interviews. From the lady who demanded to see a copy of the interviewer’s resume to the guy who removed his socks and started dowsing his toes with foot powder, we’ve just about heard it all. At Mudgood, we live by a simple rule: Treat every interview as if it’s your last opportunity to secure employment – and act accordingly.
  • Tricks & Ploys. Determined to beat the system, some jobseekers use tricks or ploys in attempt to secure an advantage with interviewers. For example, one guy had his wife call him on his cell phone during the interview and pretend he had just been offered another job. His plan was to leverage the imaginary job offer to squeeze an offer out of the interviewer. But like most ploys, it only succeeded in convincing the employer that they definitely didn’t want the applicant working at their firm.

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