Becoming a Top 10 Job Candidate

New webinar series teaches job seekers how to increase the odds of a job offer by breaking into employers’ top list of applicants. 

becoming-a-top-10-job-candidateThis month, the online job search organizer, StartWire, is releasing a series of webinars designed to help job seekers get noticed and break into employers’ critical top ten candidates list.

“The reality in corporate America is that unless you make the top 10 applicant list for a particular job, you are not going to get an opportunity to win that position,” says Chris Forman, CEO of StartWire. “Closing the black hole means selling yourself and getting in front of the right decision makers at the right time.”

Some of the series’ key suggestions include:

  1. Don’t Post and Pray. Applying for a job and waiting for a call back is like buying a lottery ticket. Take necessary actions to get noticed. This might include liking the company’s Facebook page or sending a tweet. Also, follow-up with HR to ensure they received your resume. It may feel awkward but they will make the connection.
  2. Leapfrog HR. Find someone at the company in the department that you are applying for and ask to be introduced to the decision maker. Convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the position rather than the recruiter who often doesn’t have the time to or attention to focus on your unique attributes,
  3. Raise Your Stature. Elevating your personal identity and credibility in the desired industry helps raise your profile in the pool of candidates. Actively writing blogs, speaking at conferences and contributing to publications will increase your profile.
  4. Offer a Free Sample of Your Work. Show prospective employers that you really want to work for them by offering to work for free for a day. Nothing resonates more for companies than a go-getter who is willing to solve a problem, help-out with a particular project or make a presentation.
  5. Go Old School. Target companies that you want to work for and ask for an informational interview. Oftentimes, hiring managers and recruiters will accept the informational interview and then you have an “inside” opportunity to sell yourself and make the top 10 list. Also, send handwritten thank you notes in addition to the standard email follow-up. Recipients still appreciate it and you will make a long-lasting impression.


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