Best Majors for Jobs

New study reveals the five college majors that are in highest demand among U.S. employers. 

intern-jobs-upChoosing a college major can be a difficult decision. Although there are a lot of factors that need to be weighed, it doesn’t hurt to know about the best majors for jobs.

In a recent survey of large employers who recruit on college campuses, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) uncovered the five college degrees that are currently enjoying the highest demand among employers.

  1. Business Administration

    A business administration major prepares future job applicants to work in a range of business-related roles. Employers like business admin grads because they tend to be critical thinkers with a cross-functional awareness of issues that are critical for business success.

  2. Engineering

    Like business admin grads, engineering degree holders have the capacity to work in a wide range of roles. Although many engineering students specialize at some point in their career, all engineering grads possess keen analytical skill sets and a common vocational framework.

  3. IT (Information Technology)

    Students who pursue majors in computers and information sciences have a particularly rosy career outlook, especially since employers are relying more and more on technology to grow their companies and achieve targeted performance benchmarks.

  4. Accounting

    Bean counters are in big demand with today’s employers. But to get hired, accounting majors will need to possess skills in both accounting and basic business technology because nearly all serious employers use spreadsheets and other applications to perform accounting activities.

  5. Economics

    Econ majors are also in demand in the current job market. More than ever before, employers need employees who possess data analysis skill sets – which makes econ grads natural candidates for many positions.

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