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The publishing industry is in a period of radical upheaval – and that may translate into a new wave of job opportunities for individuals interested in a career in publishing.


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The publishing industry is currently facing an unprecedented wave of change. eBooks, social media and other technologies have transformed the way people consume the written word and significantly altered the trajectories of individuals who are pursuing careers in publishing.

But according to Andrea Chambers, director of the Center for Publishing at the NYU School of Continuing ad Professional Studies, changes in the publishing ecosystem may also signal a wave of new opportunities for job seekers.

“The transformation that is occurring and the job categories that are being created as a result provide great opportunities for smart, literate and ambitious people to forge their own career paths,” says Chambers.

Chambers goes on to say that professionals interested in breaking into today’s publishing industry need to incorporate at least five, proactive tactics into their job search strategies.

  1. Target Media Networking

    Like any industry, it’s important to connect with the movers and shakers of the publishing world, as well as other job seekers. By participating in media-related trade associations, publishing conferences and other gatherings, you can gain valuable insights about where the jobs really are in today’s publishing game.

  2. Get Social

    Social media has become an important pillar of the publishing universe. Individuals interested in a career in publishing should aggressively engage social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, literally blogging and tweeting their way to their own personal brands.

  3. Get Educated

    In the current publishing labor market, it’s important for job seekers to have educational credentials that reflect the changes that are continuing to reshape the publishing world. Chambers advises job hunters to enroll in a practice-based degree, certificate or summer intensive programs, like the ones offer by the NYU-SCPS Center for Publishing.

  4. Volunteer

    One of the ways for job seekers to beef up their resume is by volunteering at a nonprofit that emphasizes literacy or reading skills. While the skills you pick up may bolster your credentials, the bigger win is that you can demonstrate your literary commitment to employers.

  5. Read Until Your Eyes Bleed

    Believe it or not, one of the most important things you can do to advance your career in publishing is to read well and read often. In the publishing industry, employers expect hires to be exceptionally well-read and conversant on the latest literary offerings in their corner of the publishing marketplace.

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