Disabled Veterans National Foundation Launches Employment and Career Assistance Services

VOW to Hire Heroes legislation creates new opportunities and services for America’s unemployed veteran workforce.


(Image credit: dvnf.org)

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF), an advocate for the recently enacted VOW to Hire Heroes Act, is offering employment resources and career assistance for disabled veterans interested in taking advantage of the benefits, training and job opportunities created by the new law.

“There are nearly 90,000 unemployed veterans in the United States and most of them are able to work and sincerely want to work in meaningful jobs,” said Raegan Rivers, Chief Administrative Officer of the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. “We are working diligently to help disabled and underserved veterans, including our women veterans, access the benefits created under the new law and connect them immediately to the training, financial assistance and secure jobs they need and deserve.”

According to an October 2011 report by the US Department, the average unemployment rates for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan stands at 12.1% – significantly higher than the 7.7% unemployment rate for all veterans.

Since unemployment rates for veterans with physical and/or emotional impairments are higher still, the VOW to Hire Heroes Act allows qualifying veterans up to one year additional Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits.

Veteran advocates point out that the new law is vital in helping veterans prepare for the transition to civilian status, access career counseling services, and convert military skills to private sector job qualifications. The law also creates additional education and training opportunities for older veterans and provides tax incentives for businesses and organizations that hire vets who have been in the job market for greater than six months.

For more information, go to http://www.dvnf.org.


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