Employee Term Limits May Be the Next Big Thing in Some Hiring Sectors

According to a WHYY report, a new Atlantic City casino plans to impose “term limits” on its workforce, possibly opening the door to an emerging trend among certain types of employers.

employee-term-limits-are-the-next-big-thing-in-some-employment-sectorsWHYY News is reporting that a new Atlantic City casino – Revel – has announced that it plans to institute employee term limits on its workforce. Under the proposed plan, when employees’ terms expire, they will be forced to reapply for their positions with the company.

The casino says that the rationale behind the policy is that it will keep its service fresh, ensuring that the people who staff its hotel and casino floor are capable of delivering high levels of service to the casino’s customers.

Critics of the policy suggest the casino may be exploiting a difficult job market to take advantage of its employees.

“What they’ve done here is set up a system that puts their good performers through a gauntlet of having to compete with people who have no record of performance,” said Alice Ballard, a prominent Philadelphia employment attorney.

Although Ballard says anyone can be fired from his/her job, she thinks the reapplication process is a low-profile way for the casino to regularly weed out older employees. “Why would you take your good performers and put them through that competitive process,” she asks, “if you aren’t trying to get rid of a good performer for some other reason?”

Others, like Brian Tyrrell, a professor of hospitality management at Stockton College in New Jersey believe the casino’s policy will motivate people to move up in the company since management won’t be subject to term limits. He also says Atlantic City desperately needs new jobs, and the employment insecurity imposed by Revel may be a price worth paying.

Still, the idea of applying employment term limits to certain types of jobs is a concept that doesn’t sit well with many people – most of all the workers who will be impacted by reapplication requirements.

Atlantic City casino employee Jeff Payne says, “How can you buy a car if you don’t know you’re going to have a job? You want to refinance your home; you want to buy a home. I mean, these have always been decent jobs, good-paying jobs, sustaining jobs. But my concern is, you get this job — and then you have no job security.”

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