Executive Job Search Strategies

The only thing more difficult than finding a good job is finding a good job at the top of the food chain. Here a few job search strategies that qualified execs can use to locate promising positions in and around the C-suite. 

executive-job-search-strategiesAn executive job search is a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse. Executive-level positions are out there, but the process of finding them isn’t nearly as straightforward as it is for other types of positions. In some cases, executive jobs aren’t advertised – at least not on general job boards – so you’ll need to refine your executive job search skill set before you hit the job market.

Resumes, cover letters, interviewing – it’s all important in an executive job search. But when it comes to identifying and landing the best jobs, it may not be as important as your industry track record and reputation in executive leadership. With that in mind, here are a few job search strategies you’ll want to incorporate into your quest to find executive positions.

Personal Branding

In an executive job search, the reality is that firms frequently target promising movers and shakers to fill available positions – not the other way around. In other words, a big part of your job search will involve getting yourself on the radar of employers within your industry through personal branding. If you’ve ever branded a product or service, you know the trick is to create a clear, concise and consistent message that is highly visible in the marketplace. Using those same tactics and techniques, craft a personal brand that is sure to capture the attention of prospective employers.

Business Networking

According to executive employment experts, once individuals reach the executive level, technical skills matter less than leadership and business skills. So even though you may be the world’s leading expert in a given technological process, you will need to prove your chops as a business leader to attract employers. In addition to firming up your business leadership credentials, begin to heavily network in business leadership circles, even if it means stepping down your networking activities in technical circles.

Executive Recruiters

Executive recruiters specialize in connecting talented leaders with some of the nation’s leading firms and executive-level employers. Although it isn’t essential to work with a professional, a qualified recruiter who specializes in executive employment can help focus your job search and provide access to positions that might otherwise elude you. If an executive recruitment approach sounds like the right move, shop around for a recruiter who has experience in your industry and can verify a recent track record of successful placements.

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