Finding Hidden Jobs

The “hidden job market” offers tons of opportunities for job seekers who are struggling to find traction in well publicized labor markets.


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Job seekers facing intense competition in today’s limited hiring market often don’t realize they are competing for only a fraction of the actual jobs available. The vast majority of jobs are unadvertised, or hidden. In many cases, this “hidden job market” can be a great source of opportunities for applicants in a range of fields and industries.

“Most job seekers don’t understand that the hardest way in the world to get a job is to apply through HR,” says Career Confidential CEO Peggy McKee. “They get lost in the flood of other applicants. That’s why the average job search right now lasts 8 to 9 months.”

To access the hidden job market, job seekers need to employ a range of skills, including the ability to network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media sites. Jobs seekers also need to be willing to expand their search activities beyond obvious job search routines.

Career Confidential offers the Hidden Jobs Finder, a resource that teaches job seekers how to quickly and easily find unadvertised jobs, contact the hiring manager in charge, and “sell” themselves in order to get an interview.

“Job seekers are always much better off contacting the hiring manager directly. But knowing that you have to do something and knowing how to do it are two different things,” adds McKee. “The Hidden Jobs Finder shows them how. From the feedback we get, most people who use this system find jobs they’re excited about within just a few weeks.”

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