Home Healthcare Jobs Flourishing

An aging U.S. population and a booming healthcare market are translating into an abundance of hiring opportunities for home healthcare workers.

good-communicators-land-more-jobs-in-healthcareHealthcare careers are all the rage these days, at least for job seekers interested in working in a field that’s poised for explosive, long-term growth.

But the demand for healthcare workers isn’t limited to nurses, physicians, medical technicians and other workers who are based in a hospital or doctor’s office. Home healthcare jobs are flourishing – and providing opportunities for workers without advanced medical degrees to take advantage of the booming healthcare market.

Bloomberg’s Businessweek reports that by 2020, the home health aide job market will increase by 69% to a total of 1.7 million workers. It’s especially important to note that the workers who will fill these jobs often aren’t even required to possess a high school diploma – just on-the-job training that prepares them to provide in-home care to elderly and convalescing patients.

Bloomberg also reports that more than 87 million Americans will be over 65 by 2050, driving long-term demand for home healthcare aides as well as many other workers in the healthcare professions.

Although home healthcare holds career potential for the right individuals, there are several things aspiring home healthcare professionals must do to position themselves to take advantage of the current and future hiring boom.

For starters, it’s important for prospective home healthcare workers to research the field and determine whether home healthcare is a good fit for their personal and career goals. Home healthcare can be both emotionally and physically demanding, and workers who aren’t prepared for it can quickly feel overwhelmed by their career choice.

If a career in home healthcare sounds like good fit, the next step is to acquire hands-on experience as soon as possible, usually in either a part-time or volunteer capacity. Tenure counts in home healthcare and the more experience you have the easier it is to land the most sought after positions and clients.

For many home healthcare workers, career progression means advancing to a supervisory role or even launching their own home healthcare agency. To prepare, home healthcare workers should network with agency owners and supervisors, and be prepared to act when they are presented with opportunities to take their careers to the next level.

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