How to Find a Career Coach

Career coaches are experts at guiding and motivating job seekers. Here’s how to find a career coach that’s the right fit for your job search requirements. 

how-to-find-a-career-coachAt some point during the job search process, most serious job seekers flirt with the idea of hiring a career coach. Good career coaches are keyed into their clients’ industries and are capable of offering suggestions, advice and encouragement on a wide variety of job-related issues.

Although a career isn’t an absolute, must-have prerequisite for a successful job search, career coaching does offer some benefits. But to access those benefits, you’ll need to know how to find a career coach that’s the right fit for your background and job search goals.

Get Referrals

Finding a career coach isn’t hard. In seconds, a simple Google search will turn up dozens of career coaches in your geographic vicinity. But the best career coaches are usually found via personal referrals. The key is to ask around job search network for the names of good career coaches who specialize in your field and have a track record of recent job search success stories.

Verify Experience

Career coaches aren’t legally required to possess professional certifications or credentials. That can be a problem for job seekers, since some career coaches are flashy marketers with little or no qualifications. Although many coaches pursue voluntary certification with the International Coach Federation or other organizations, the lack of uniform credentials reinforce the need to perform due diligence in the referral process.

Evaluate Personal Chemistry

Personal chemistry is an important part of finding the right career coach. Keep in mind that the best career coaches often say things that their clients don’t want to hear. So if you aren’t clicking with a prospective coach after your initial meeting, keep looking until you find a better fit – a career coach you think you can trust to put your interests first.



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