How to Shorten Your Job Search

There are several ways to shorten the length of your job search – even if you’re holding out for a high paying position.

how-to-shorten-your-job-searchMany job seekers mistakenly believe that the duration of a job search automatically increases based on the salary and career level of the desired position, while others think that a four or six month job search is unavoidable – especially in a tough job market.

But the simple truth is that the length of your job search will ultimately boil down to how much time and effort you invest in the process. Regardless of your salary requirements or career level, there are several things you can to significantly shorten your job search.

  1. Highlight measurable accomplishments. Vague job duties are out; measurable and detailed job career achievements are in. As much as possible, attempt to quantify the granular results of your work on your resume and in interviews.
  2. Develop a strong online presence. More than ever before, successful job seekers are the leveraging the Internet as a job search resource. In addition to participating in LinkedIn and other career networking sites, consider launching a personal website or career blog to make it easier for potential employers to find you online.
  3. Stay current. If you aren’t current on recent developments in your field, get current ASAP. Employers will know if you haven’t kept up with the pace of change or have failed to stay on the cutting edge of your industry.
  4. Grow your network. The more people who know about you, the less time it will take for you to land your next position. So to shorten the duration of your job search, be sure to grow you contact list by networking aggressively and often.
  5. Be realistic. In many cases, job seekers who fail to find a position within six months have unrealistic expectations about their job qualifications, the job market or both. If you’re working hard to find a job and aren’t getting any bites from employers, it’s time to reevaluate your expectations.


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