How to Turn a Holiday Job Into a Full-Time Gig

Seasonal employment is a great way to get your foot in the door. But the tricky part is turning it into a full-time career opportunity. Here’s how to get started . . . 

The holiday shopping season is upon us and in case you haven’t noticed, companies are bulking up their workforces in anticipation of the Christmas rush.

According to Willie Jolley, host of the Sirius XM Satellite Radio Show The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Radio Show, and author of the book Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks, an estimated 30% of employers are hiring extra help this year and many still have positions that need to be filled.

A temporary holiday job can be an opportunity for unemployed jobseekers to land a promising, full-time position. But a full-time job offer won’t just happen – you’ll need to proactively position yourself for the opportunity.

To increase your chances, Jolley offers the following tips designed to help seasonal workers transition their job into a full-time gig:

  • Keep Your Pride in Check. If you’re overqualified for the job, don’t act like you’re better than the position or your coworkers. Instead, leverage your qualifications to bring new ideas and suggestions to the table. If you impress management, you’ll convince them that you’re worth keeping around after the holidays are over.
  • Approach Holiday Jobs as Auditions. Most seasonal employers live by a simple formula: Retail+Holidays=Chaos. Black Friday and other peak shopping times are characterized by challenges, giving you the opportunity to showcase your problem-solving and people skills. By jumping into the fray and getting your hands dirty, you demonstrate your willingness to be a team player and reinforce your long-term value to the company.
  • Customer Service is King. Customer service skills can be in short supply at many retail stores. Seasonal workers who take care of the little things that most people overlook stand out to employers. Carry a customer’s item to their car, ship a package for a customers and above all, go out of your way to make sure all of your customers’ questions receive satisfactory answers.
  • Express Interest in Full-Time Work. You might be hoping for a full-time job offer, but if the employer doesn’t know you’re interested in full-time work, that offer will never happen. Let your manager or HR rep know that you would like to be considered for full-time employment from the moment you’re hired. But be warned: If you express interest in full-time work upfront, you’ll need to treat the job like it’s your first priority.

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