Job Interview Thank You Note Tips

Need to send a job interview thank you note?  As it turns out, there are right ways and wrong ways to send thank you notes to prospective employers.



After a great job interview, a short thank you note is more than a nice, finishing touch – it’s a vital tool that can keep your name and qualifications fresh in the interviewer’s mind. In many cases, it can even be leveraged to give you an advantage over other candidates that are interviewing for the same position.

But what’s the right protocol for sending a job interview thank you note? For starters, a thank you note should be short and sweet. Although it can be helpful to mention a key point from the interview in the note, it shouldn’t be a three-page argument for the position. As a rule, just a paragraph or two is the right length for any interview thank you note.

When it comes to delivery method, you have two choices: email or hard copy. The advantage of email is speed; with email, you can send a thank you note the same day as the interview. The downside is that an emailed thank you note can easily get lost in the interviewer’s inbox.

A nice, handwritten thank you note can be an extremely effective way to stand out from the rest of the pack. But unfortunately, some employers see handwritten thank you notes as formal and out of touch. When you consider that handwritten notes require postal delivery and can be difficult to read, it may not be worth the risk to go completely old school.

A mailed, typewritten thank you letter can be a happy medium between a handwritten note and an email. But whatever method of thank you note you choose, it’s important to remain as professional and concise as possible, strategically reinforcing the impression you made during the interview itself.



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