Maximizing Job Search Technologies

Technology has become an important part of the job search process. Here are some tips to help you maximize the use of three common job search technologies.


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Trying to find a job without technology is like making toast without a toaster – it’s possible, but the process isn’t going to be pretty and you’re probably not going to like the results.

The simple truth is that technology has become a necessary part of the hiring process, giving job seekers fast access to a wide range of employment opportunities. In fact, for many job seekers the improved use of common technologies can dramatically increase the effectiveness of their job search activities.

Making the Most of Common Job Search Technologies

  • Mobile Devices. Smartphones and other mobile devices can be a job seeker’s best friend. Specifically, it’s important for job seekers to make the best possible use of available apps, including free applications from online job search resources like LinkedIn, Indeed and CareerBuilder.
  • Email Updates. Email update and newsletters can be an effective way to update your contacts about your job search progress and career qualifications. Since there are plenty of free email solutions to choose from, finding the right technology won’t be a problem. Instead, the trick is to include value-rich content (e.g. a few pieces of industry news or updates) and to spread out your emails to avoid irritating your contacts.
  • Social Media. According to a recent survey by Kelly Services, a quarter of job seekers are more inclined to look for a job through social media than through traditional job search methods. Like it or not, you’re going to need to nurture an active presence on several social media sites and be innovative in using social networking to connect with employers as well as other job seekers.

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