New Internet Tool for Senior Job Seekers

AARP offers new digital platform to help older job hunters find jobs in today’s tough economy.


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It’s no secret that older job seekers are at a disadvantage in the current job market. Although older workers offer a great depth of experience and a more seasoned skill set, employers often prefer to hire younger applicants simply because they are more affordable.

Now, the AARP is equipping older job seekers with a new job search tool to help level the playing field. Rooted in LinkedIn, Work Reimagined is an online social network that connect qualified, seasoned professionals with employers who are interested in hiring a more experienced workforce.

Some of the components of the Work Reimagined platform include:

  • Original and curated content with advice and insights relevant to experienced workers in today’s job market.
  • Access to current job openings with the nearly 120 employers who have taken the Work Reimagined pledge, publicly committing to treat all employees equally regardless of age.

According to AARP president, Rob Romasco, “Work Reimagined enables experienced workers to come together in a vibrant online community to share your views and help move through ‘what’s next’ career moments. It opens the way for access to workforce resources, as well as the opportunity to connect with other experienced workers in a peer-to-peer environment.”

Employers who participate in Work Reimagined are required to sign a pledge, affirming their commitment to a level hiring playing field. By signing the pledge, employers agree to:

  • Openness to the value of experienced workers
  • Nondiscriminatory HR policies
  • At least some immediate hiring needs at the time of pledge signing

“Over the past decade, the digital world has transformed how most people look for a job,” said Romasco. “Today, Work Reimagined harnesses the power of social media to offer great opportunities for experienced professionals to connect, to access information and resources, and to leverage their professional network in their pursuit of more fulfilling work and career.”

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