New Nursing Career Opportunities

The pending implementation of the 2010 Affordable Care Act will open up many new nursing career opportunities for qualified candidates.


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The implementation of the Obama administration’s sweeping healthcare reforms are driving a slate of new career opportunities for nurses and nursing candidates, says Catherine Garner, dean of health sciences and nursing at American Sentinel University.

“Now is a great time for nurses to grow and expand their horizons,” says Garner. “The changes in health care offer nurses the opportunity to advance their careers, meet the needs of patients in a new care delivery model and continue to strive for clinical excellence.”

Garner points out that health care system changes will create a variety of new roles and career possibilities for nurses. Specifically, nurses will have the ability to access new opportunities in advanced practice, care coordination, case management, informatics, and infection and prevention control.

“These new roles will create opportunities for nurses where they can maximize their attributes to help their organizations grow their services, increase their market share and ultimately improve patient outcomes,” says Garner.

Mandated advances in electronic health records, digital radiology and other technological system tool will create a need for experts in health informatics. According to Garner, companies that supply these products are looking for nurses to drive the implementation of electronic health systems in hospitals and medical practices.

In addition, hospitals may now be forced to sacrifice Medicare reimbursement if a patient acquires an infection while in the hospital. In response, hospitals are placing a premium on nurses with expertise in infection prevention and control.

Accountable Care Organizations will also require case management capable of coordinating care for patients with chronic illnesses, ensuring they receive an appropriate level of care at the best time and cost. As a result, Garner says that makes this year a great time for nurses to build their credentials in case management.

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