One in Three Young Professionals Willing to Earn Less for Technology Freedom

A recent study by offers revealing insights about the relationship college students and young professionals have with technology.

Young professionals are extremely protective of their ability to integrate preferred technologies into their daily work routines, according to a report by

Approximately one-third (29%) of young professionals surveyed said that they would prioritize social media freedom and device flexibility over salary. If forced to choose, 27 percent said they would accept the job offer, but find a way to access their social media accounts behind their employers’ backs.

Young Professionals’ Attitudes Toward Workplace Technology

The report indicates that young professionals tend to be much more dependent on technology than other generations of workers. Younger employees are also less willing to conform to company IT policies than their older peers.

Other survey findings include:

  • 1 in 3 respondents believe that the Internet is as important as air, shelter, food and water – including 60% of respondents located in China and Brazil.
  • Almost half of college students (43%) said that they are interrupted by social media, IM or phone calls three or more times in a typical hour.
  • Three in five young professionals feel that they are not responsible for protecting corporate information and devices; 70% admit to knowingly breaking their companies’ IT policies on a regular basis.

For full results, see the infographic below or visit the Online Courses website.

Social Media vs. Salary
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