Overcoming Negotiation Anxiety

More than a third of professionals lack confidence when it comes to negotiating – negotiation anxiety severely limits their ability to land jobs and achieve important career goals. 


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Negotiation skills can make or break a job search, not to mention a career. Professionals who lack the ability to perform common business activities like closing a deal or asking for a raise are at a major disadvantage in both the employment market and the workplace.

Yet according to a recent study by the social media provider, LinkedIn, more than one-third (35%) of global professional have serious anxieties about their negotiation skills. Of the eight countries surveyed, the U.S. ranked first in negotiation anxiety with 39% of professionals expressing reservations about their ability to negotiate successfully.

“While it’s true that there’s a flat-out fear of negotiating among a percentage of professionals, all of us can benefit from getting smarter about making requests at work,” said Selena Rezvani, author of the new book, PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask—And Stand Up—For What They Want. “Whether that means consulting a salary calculator, conferring with a second-degree connection on LinkedIn to learn your counterpart’s style, or using a negotiating app on your phone for practice, careful preparation is a worthy investment of your time.”

According to LinkedIn, there are several things job seekers and professionals can do to become more adept at negotiation:

  • Consult with Your Network:

    Your professional network is your most underused tool in a negotiation. Friends, peers and your LinkedIn connections (even your second and third degree connections) can offer all kinds of insights and motivation.

  • Do Pre-Work:

    Negotiators can gain an advantage by taking the initiative to write a draft plan for whatever it is they are proposing. Try joining some of the same LinkedIn Groups your counterpart is a member of to gain insight into his or her motivations, attitudes and interests.

  • Don’t Give In:

    While in a negotiation, draw out the conversation – or even postpone it – if need be. Don’t just accept the first pushback you receive and surrender after your first attempt.

Learn more about LinkedIn’s negotiating study by visiting the LinkedIn Blog.

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  1. Springdaleclnc
    December 3, 2014 at 2:42 am #

    Informative post about negotiation anxiety. Thanks for sharing. These tips really helps to overcome this negotiation anxiety. Also including regular exercises meditation reduces other anxieties and improves the concentration levels which will helps to focus on the work what we are doing.

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