Recruiters Size Up Resumes in Six Seconds

Eye-tracking study by TheLadders indicates that recruiters make decisions about candidates based on a quick glance of their resumes. 

how-to-write-your-first-resumeOn average, recruiters say they spend at least four minutes reviewing candidates’ resumes. But according to a new eye-tracking study by The Ladders, recruiters actually make decisions about candidates in a much shorter period of time – just six seconds.

“We knew that the resume is obviously the cornerstone of the job-search process, but we wanted to really understand and facilitate the most meaningful connections between recruiters and job seekers,” said Alex Douzet, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of TheLadders.

“Our groundbreaking eye-tracking study provides valuable insight around a fundamental question: ‘How do recruiters and hiring managers actually make decisions about candidates?’ Now that we know, we can more efficiently and effectively help our more-than 5 million members find the right match.”

The eye-tracking technology TheLadders employed in the study analyzes where and how long individuals focus when they digest information. In evaluating recruiter behavior, TheLadders was able to leverage “gaze tracking” technology to show that recruiters devote nearly 80% of their resume reviewing time on just a handful of data points, including: name, current title/company, previous title/company, previous position’s start and end dates, current position’s start and end dates, and education.


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