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More than half of job opportunities found through social media are not listed on top job search sites. 

social-media-job-searchesThink the major job search websites are the best online source for job listings? Not according to a recent study conducted by JobsMiner, a pioneer in social job search engines.

In a sampling of more than 1 million job postings over the past month, approximately 50% of the job postings on social networking sites were “hidden” or not listed on the nation’s largest job search websites.

For job seekers, visibility to these “hidden” job postings is critical because it provides access to quality employment opportunities ahead of the competition. The study also found that software engineers, project managers, and nurses have larger shares of “hidden” postings at 60%, 55% and 65% respectively.

JobsMiner is the first job search engine to aggregate job postings directly from social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, blogs and forums. Given the rising importance of social media in the job search process, it’s likely that JobsMiner and other social aggregators will play a vital role in connecting job seekers with job openings for the foreseeable future.

“Social media is quickly becoming a mainstream resource for job seekers and recruiters,” said Ran Enoch, co-founder of JobsMiner. “JobsMiner’s unique technology gives them the best chance of finding the relevant jobs very quickly by accessing and presenting all the job postings on social networks in near real-time, on one site.”

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