Social Networking Soars, Delivering 1 in 6 Successful Job Searches

Recent study indicates that Facebook leads the pack as the most useful social media site for job seekers.

facebook-social-networking-soars-successful-job-searchIn a new national survey conducted by Jobvite, it was revealed that 22 million Americans used social networking to identify their most recent job opportunity, a substantial increase from the 7.7 million who found jobs through social media in 2010.

According to they survey, 1 in 6 employed workers indicated that they relied on social media to help locate their current positions. Not surprisingly, applicants with larger followings and volumes of social media contacts fared better in job networking activities.

Approximately nine out of ten (86%) of today’s job seekers maintain a social media profile. In terms of specific social media sites, Facebook is the clear winner with 84% of job seekers in its stable. Both Twitter (39%) and LinkedIn (35%) came in a distant second, but a third of job seekers indicated they have a presence on all three sites.

“Our new national survey shows that socially savvy job seekers have an advantage over their fellow job hunters and it’s paying off,” said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite. “While referrals are still the top source of new jobs, online social networks play an increasingly important role in job hunting today. The job referrals happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter benefit employers, job seekers and the economy overall.”

One of the most surprising results of the survey was the disparity between Facebook and LinkedIn, which is often considered to be the go-to source for career networking. However, these figures may not tell the whole story since LinkedIn tends to attract professional job seekers while Facebook enjoys more widespread appeal.

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