Software Engineer Rated Best Job in Nation

Newspaper reporter, broadcaster and lumberjack are among the least desirable jobs in’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report. 


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For the second year in a row, Software Engineers top the list of the best jobs in the nation, according to’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report.

Conversely, media jobs aren’t nearly as attractive as they used to be, with Newspaper Reporter, Broadcaster and other positions currently rated as some of the least advantageous positions for job seekers. Yet despite the shortcomings, competition for media positions can be fierce.

“Many jobs in the media are characterized by high stress, short deadlines, long hours and a poor hiring outlook,” explains Tony Lee, publisher of’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report. “Despite these poor working conditions, competition is steep for what jobs remain after massive consolidation and layoffs in the media industry.”

Not surprisingly, occupations that feature low salaries, long days and spotty employment records (like Lumberjacks, Dairy Farmers and Oil Rig Workers) join media jobs at the bottom of this year’s list.

However, rising demand and other factors continues to drive the appeal of Software Engineer jobs and other “best job” positions including Actuary, HR Manager, Dental Hygienist and Financial Planner. Over the next eight years, the demand for computer software engineers is expected to rise 30% – much faster than the average for other occupations.

“The top-rated jobs have few physical demands, minimal stress, a good working environment and a strong hiring outlook,” says Mr. Lee. “Conversely, Lumberjacks and Dairy Farmers, two of the worst jobs in the nation, work in physically demanding, precarious, low-paying professions with a weak hiring outlook.”

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