Summer Job Tips for Teens

With summer recess just around the corner, it’s time for teens to start thinking about how they can use their summer vacation to earn money and lay a solid foundation for their future careers. 


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Summer jobs are a rite of passage for many American teenagers. But these days, the competition for good summer jobs can be tight since many businesses are just starting to recover from the effects of the recession.

So while some teens may be interested in earning a paycheck, others may prefer to work in a position that prepares them for a future career – even if it means serving as an unpaid intern.

Either way, teen lifestyle expert Tina Krinsky from Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs offers several summer job tips that can help teens find the right position this summer.

  1. Know Your Goals

    Figure out your expectations for the summer and think bigger than babysitting. Babysitting is a worthy fall back for earning extra cash, but if you are interested in law look into helping answer phones or filing paper work at a local law office.  This will help give you insight into the daily workings of business. You can learn about dressing professionally, socializing in an office setting or using new technology. It’s a great time to fumble and make some mistakes as an intern, knowing that your rent money isn’t on the line.

  2. Talk with Parents

    No matter what you have planned for the summer, start with a conversation with your parents about your expectations and theirs. Is the goal to have fun? Make money while learning valuable lessons? Prepare for college?  Explore your passion? Whatever it is, be clear and write your goals down. If they want something different than you, you could both end up being disappointed.

  3. Aim for Self-Improvement

    Remember, education is the key! While teen grey matter is at the max, why not pick up a musical instrument, learn a new language or gain a skill that could be useful later in your career?

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