The 2013 Physician Resident & Fellows Job Search

The 2013 physician resident and fellows search is getting underway and we have the information you need to stay ahead of the game.

2013-physician-resident-and-fellowship-reportEvery year at this time, thousands of promising physicians begin to consider their ideal locations for residencies and fellowships. Hospitals and healthcare organizations that want to attract the best and the brightest of the 2013 candidate pool are already taking steps to ensure they meet their recruitment goals for the coming year. Similarly, physician residents and fellows also need to begin making concrete plans to ensure that they stay ahead of the rest of the field.

According to Cejka Seach’s annual Residents and Fellows Survey, half of the residents and fellows that were placed in 2012 began the interview process before December 2011 – and more than 40 percent had signed contracts by the end of Q1 2012.

Translation: The longer you wait to engage with the process, the more difficult it may be to land your preferred placement opportunity.

“All organizations are looking for an edge when recruiting the very best and brightest year in and year out,” said Lori Schutte, President, Cejka Search. “It may take a generous offer to turn the heads of new physicians. Recruiting early, delivering an outstanding candidate experience and assessing fit for both the candidate and spouse or significant other are essential strategies for the physician search.”

With more than a quarter of respondents indicating that their spouse is also a physician, the majority of applicants (67%) said that their selection criteria was primarily dictated by the interests of their spouse or significant other.

Other survey findings included:

  • Most respondents prefer the suburbs over rural areas. 95 percent rated a suburban location as their first or second choice, while 84 percent chose a metropolitan community in their top two preferences types of location for practice and one-third (32 percent) of respondents would not consider a rural area.
  • Group practice was the ideal choice of practice setting among 46 percent of respondents, who chose either multi-specialty (26 percent) or single-specialty (20 percent) group practice. Slightly fewer (29%) rated a hospital practice as ideal.
  • Desired location was primarily determined by proximity to family. 72 percent said nearness to relatives was the reason that factored most into selecting a practice location, followed by lifestyle (52%) and proximity to medical training (38%).
  • Three-quarters (75 percent) of respondents expected to receive a sign-on bonus. The majority (68 percent) preferred to receive their compensation in the form of a salary with production incentive.

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