The 5 Best Job Search Websites

The Internet can be a great job search tool. But with hundreds (if not thousands) of online job boards to choose from, you need to narrow your search to credible websites with high volumes of employment opportunities.

The 5 Best Job Search WebsitesAs of June 2011, there were more than 346 million websites on the Internet – if you visited 100 websites a day, it would take nearly 9,500 years to exhaust the content that currently exists online. Although not all of those websites are dedicated to online job boards, your job search can’t wait for you to wade through worthless lists of outdated employment opportunities.

Ultimately, your online job search should include niche job boards that specialize in career opportunities within your field or industry. But at the same time, don’t discount the value of general job boards and other sites that have proven themselves capable of connecting skilled candidates with solid leads.


Many people consider Careerbuilder to be the leading job board website. Job postings on Careerbuilder are abundant and include positions that have been culled from local sources, increasing the odds that you will be able to find postings in your local community. Many well-known websites (e.g. AOL, MSN, etc.) rely on Careerbuilder to power their job search applications – confirmation that Careerbuilder is a site worthy of your attention.


Indeed is another first-rate resource for jobseekers. Like Careerbuilder, it offers thousands of job postings aggregated from various national and local sources. Indeed also pulls listings directly from company websites, giving job hunters access to up-to-date listings straight from employers.


Monster may be the largest source of job postings on the Internet. Although some jobseekers aren’t completely enamored with Monster, there is no disputing the fact that if you’re looking for the largest job database on the Internet, Monster is the place to go.


LinkedIn is a social networking site – not on an online job board. But from a career networking perspective, it’s hard to beat LinkedIn’s ability to forge connections with potential employers. It only takes few minutes to set up a profile that allows you to display your resume and “link up” with contacts. There is even a jobs section where you can search for available positions based on various selection criteria.

Personal Website

Under the right conditions, a personal website can be a personal branding tool, a resource that communicates your unique skills and qualifications to employers. Personal websites are most effective for candidates who need to display portfolios of their work (e.g. photographers, writers, etc.), but the concept can be adapted for nearly any jobseeker, especially if you dress it up with a professional blog or other feature. Here’s the catch: if you decide to leverage a personal website in your job search, it has to be high quality since a low quality website can do more harm than good.

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