The Most Popular Social Network for Job Postings

LinkedIn emerges as the leading social network in the U.S. for job postings with three out of four jobs appearing on the site.


Image by Sheila Scarborough

A new study by SaaS recruitment provider Bullhorn has shown that LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for job postings in the U.S.

Currrently, 77 percent of available openings are posted on the LinkedIn website. Twitter came in as the second most popular social site for job postings at a distant 54 percent, followed by Facebook at 25 percent.

Regionally, the Northeast is the most active area for social network-based job recruitment activities; the Midwest is the least active. Bullhorn research also found that while Northeast employers and job seekers rely most heavily on LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook is the preferred networking medium in the West, including Alaska and Hawaii.

“While LinkedIn continues to hold its position as the most widely used social network for recruiting, the fact that a majority of jobs are posted to at least two channels reinforces the notion that social networking should never be overlooked in any candidate’s job search,” Bullhorn CEO Art Papas said in a statement.

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