The “Multiple Interview” Hiring Process

With more and more employers relying on lengthy hiring protocols, we’ll tell you how to successfully navigate the multiple interview process. 

the-multiple-interview-hiring-processMost applicants expect to engage in two or three rounds of interviews to land the best jobs. But according to MSNBC and other media outlets, some job candidates are being asked to participate in as many as ten rounds of interviews – without any assurance that a position is waiting for them at the end of the process.

In tough job markets, employers have the upper hand. Large numbers of job seekers allows them to require job applicants to jump through more hoops than would normally be tolerated, including countless rounds of interviews. From employers’ perspective, additional rounds of interviews are a safety net – a buffer that helps minimize the risk and expense of bad hiring decisions.

But for job seekers, excessive rounds of interviews are often a waste of time and money. In addition to the time investment associated with each round of interviews, extra expenses in the form of wardrobe purchases, mileage, transportation and other costs can quickly add up.

So to keep your job search on track, it’s important to leverage a handful of strategies designed to help you navigate the multiple interview process.

  1. Identify the Hiring Process

    Either before or during your first interview, you’ll need to be proactive about identifying the shape and scope of the interview process. Ask the employer to provide you with an overview of their hiring protocols – including the number of rounds of interviews they plan to conduct.

  2. Follow Up After Each Round of Interviews

    It’s common courtesy for employers to tell you approximately how long it will take for you to receive a response after each round of interviews. If they don’t or if the time period elapses with no word from the employer, don’t hesitate to follow up. Likewise, it’s okay to ask where you stand at any point, especially if the process is being extended over a period of months.

  3. Know Your Limits

    These days, multiple rounds of job interviews don’t necessarily mean that a job offer is pending. Continue to apply for other jobs while you’re waiting and don’t be afraid to walk away from the process if you feel the employer’s indecisiveness is a sign of leadership or decision-making flaws in the organization.

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