The Rules of Professional Networking

Technology has transformed social networking. But according to one career expert, the best networkers still conform to tried-and-true rules of professional networking.

the-rules-of-professional-networkingFacebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. With today’s technology, professional networking has never been easier. Then again, maybe that’s the problem.

Bob Calamai, director of the Master’s in Leadership in Human Capital Management at the New York University School of Continuing Studies says that easy access to networking opportunities makes it more important than ever for job seekers and other professionals to maintain a few tried-and-true rules of professional networking.

Prompt Responses for Networking Contacts

“Though we’re told of the “impersonal nature” of email and direct messages, these messages still carry the same expectation of reply.  As with any work-related professional correspondence, the courtesy of a reply goes a long way.”

Mutual Respect in Networking

“Only reaching out when you need something is a good way to turn away trustworthy contacts.  Respect your contacts’ time and needs, and you are more likely to have a network that supports you in both good and bad times.”

Networking Manners & Etiquette

“When you do require a professional favor from a contact (i.e. an introduction, any leads on a new job, etc.), it’s best to let the contact know the type of project that you would need assistance with, but ceaseless follow-up is off-putting.  If you have a history of treating your contacts with courtesy and respect, you should expect a reply sooner rather than later.”

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