The Search for Flexible Jobs & Careers

Flexible jobs and career opportunities are in high demand among younger, college-educated job seekers.

work-life-balancing-actA new survey by FlexJobs shows that today’s job seekers are looking for positions that offer flexibility in their careers and in their daily lives.

According to the study, the primary motivation behind the search for flexible jobs and careers is to achieve a better work-life balance (79%), followed by family, commute stress, health, environmental and exercise. Workers who are interested in telecommuting jobs cited a desire to avoid interruptions from colleagues as their primary motivating factor (82%).

Other findings showed that flex job seekers tend to fall between the ages of 30 and 59 years old, and most hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, 65% of flex job seekers are married, 71% are parents and 57% are in a relationship where both spouses work outside of the home.

“It is definitely exciting to get a clearer picture of the people who are actively interested in job flexibility,” shared Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. “While everyone has their own personal motivations for finding a job that offers flexibility, it’s clear that work-life balance, family matters, and reduced stress play a huge role in people’s decisions to seek flexible work.”

When it comes to geography, 77% of flex job seekers live near a big city, and California (11.7%), Colorado (7.7%), and Texas (6.6%) had the most respondents. Among home-based workers, 76% have telecommuted before and 97% feel they are tech-savvy. When asked if telecommuting versus being in an office would result in higher productivity, 98% said they would be at least as productive, if not more productive working from home.

For full survey results, visit the FlexJobs website.

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