Top 10 States for Manufacturing Jobs

There are still plenty of good manufacturing jobs left in the U.S. – and here are the top 10 states for your manufacturing job search.

manufacturing-jobs-returning-to-u-sAmerica’s manufacturing industry may not be what it used to be, but there is still a steady supply of available manufacturing positions across the U.S., many of which aren’t filled because employers simply can’t locate the right workers.

The job site, reports that the most popular manufacturing jobs available are for assemblers, engineers, CNC specialists and managers. Also, some states have more open manufacturing positions than others. In addition to large population states, Midwestern states with historical roots in manufacturing are now trying to rebuild their reputations as well as their manufacturing workforces.

The top 10 states for manufacturing jobs on include:

  1. California – 42,377
  2. Texas – 32,386
  3. Illinois – 17,290
  4. New York – 14,790
  5. Ohio – 14,753
  6. Pennsylvania – 14,211
  7. Michigan – 12,381
  8. Florida – 12,167
  9. Washington – 11,736
  10. Massachusetts – 11,166

California (1.2 million), Texas (810,000) and Ohio (619,000) currently employ the most people in manufacturing. Across the U.S., these started adding manufacturing jobs in 2010 after several years of a decline in the manufacturing industry.

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