Top 5 Career Tips for Women

Working women face unique workplace challenges. The Little PINK Book offers several tips to help today’s women keep their careers on track.


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More than ever before, women are interested in finding new ways to advance their careers and climb corporate ladders. But getting started can be difficult, not just for female college grads and first-time job seekers, but also for seasoned women professionals.

The Little PINK Book website ( offers a wide range of resources to help women realize their career dreams and achieve success in the workplace. Kimberly Palmer, author of Generation Earn, has helped PINK compile a list of the top 5 ways women can invest in their careers.

Career Advice for Women 

  1. Outside help: If necessary, Palmer suggests hiring someone to do the little things that detract from focusing on important career goals. “Paying for a cleaning or grocery delivery service frees up time that can be better spent on work.”
  2. Professional Services: Career professionals can help women advance their careers in the long run. “Even as we’re trying to cut costs, paying for a career coach, or leadership class can pay off big-time,” Palmer explains.
  3. A Website Facelift: Experts say securing your company’s domain name and hiring a quality web designer will do wonders for your online presence. Professional women may even want to invest in a personal website. “Almost every new client, boss or coworker you meet will first ‘see’ you online,” Palmer says.
  4. Top-notch Resources: “Make sure you invest in resources for yourself.” Successful career women know the value of a productive workspace, a well-connected network, and a budget for work-related expenses.
  5. Relationships with Other Women: Do you have a female mentor? Palmer suggests looking for a high-powered women in your community to connect with, or finding a woman who inspires you and see how her characteristics can help you make career-related improvements.

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