Video Resumes Moving Into the Mainstream

New website streamlines multiple job search tasks – including video resumes – into a single digital location.


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The recent launch of a new career website,, gives job seekers a powerful new way to differentiate themselves in the employment marketplace, allowing them to create video and audio profiles to accompany their resumes.

The GetHired platform represents a significant advance in video resumes because it combines video and audio with a full-throated social recruiting platform. For the first time, job seekers now have the ability to quickly submit personal video, audio or written responses to employers’ most pressing, pre-screening questions at the start of the hiring process.

The result is that employers can more rapidly identify the right candidates for open positions and job seekers can connect with employers in a manner that transcends a traditional, two-dimensional resume.

“Job seekers who invest time and energy in completing more thorough job applications have an increased likelihood of getting interviews and getting hired,” said Chris Morrow, vice president of business development at Boston Medical Group.

“ provides a unique insight into applicants that has helped us to get a better sense of which job seekers have the skills best suited for our open positions. As a result, we have been able to hire candidates at a fraction of the time, and have saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process.”

Video resumes offer job seekers several important advantages during the hiring process. From showcasing the applicant’s communication skills to providing a more complete presentation of the individual’s personality and job qualifications, a well-crafted video resume can dramatically improve the likelihood of a personal interview.

But the drawback of video resumes has been that many employers lack the patience or technology to perform optimized video review during the hiring process. By incorporating video and audio capabilities into a convenient, web-based hiring platform, it’s likely that the new generation of career websites will help video resumes and other multimedia enhancements gain traction with employers and job hunters.

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