Where to Find Technology Sector Jobs

The technology sector is a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. economy. Organizations (small and large) need tech workers – but we’ll tell you where to look for the technology sector jobs that offer the best outlook and career potential. 

where-to-find-technology-sector-jobsTechnology has revolutionized the American workplace. So it’s only natural that technology is one of the few employment sectors that is experiencing steady growth. In the decade from 2008-2018, it’s anticipated the employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to expand by as much as 17% – not bad considering many other fields are reducing the number of workers they employ.

Still, a great career in technology won’t just fall into your lap. The most successful technology candidates often work a career strategy that systematically delivers higher levels of responsibilities and rewards. Whether you’re a technology veteran or a recent college graduate taking your first steps in the field, here are a few tips to help you find – and land – your next job in technology.

Professional Networks

Professional networks are usually the best place to begin your search for a position in the field of technology. If you’ve been in the tech game for a while, there’s a good chance that your college buddies and first-job coworkers have advanced in their careers and may now be capable of providing solid job leads.

Technology Only Job Databases

Although you don’t want to exclude general job boards from your search, you will definitely want to focus on job boards that deal exclusively in technology job openings. Websites like Dice.com specialize in technology jobs and can dramatically reduce the amount of time you waste culling through non-relevant openings.

Technology Companies vs. Technology Departments

At some point you will need to decide whether you prefer the security of a job in a technology department or the fast-paced world of a rising technology company. Technology department (e.g. IT departments of non-tech companies) employees are typically management specialists who ensure the integrity of existing systems. Technology company employees, on the other hand, may be involved in technology development and other activities that may (or may not) take hold in the marketplace. Although they can be riskier, jobs with technology companies offer more room for personal growth and career advancement.

Information Security

Information security is the hottest employment in technology. Since the field is drastically understaffed, both public and private sector employers are desperate for qualified workers. If your background doesn’t include training or experience in the area of cybersecurity, consider retooling in order to take advantage of the phenomenal career opportunities in the information security sector.

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