Who Should Write Your Resume?

2012 Global Hiring Survey tackles the question of whether or not job seekers should write their own resumes. 

who-should-write-your-resumeShould job seekers write their own resumes? According to Career Directors International’s 2012 Global Hiring Survey, the shouldn’t – and those who do, often lack perspective on critical resume and hiring issues.

The study tabulated responses from recruiters, employers and others, carefully identifying the key traits that decision-makers look for in successful resumes.

In response to the study’s findings, CDI president, Laura DeCarlo, said, “One thing that is immediately clear is how sophisticated a resume must be today to try to make all possible reviewers happy. From human recruiters and employers to ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), everyone seems to be looking for something a little different.”

Many job seekers don’t realize that in today’s career marketplace, a successful resume requires much more than an accurate description of their education and work history. To make the cut, resumes need to include targeted keywords, personal branding, results-oriented storytelling and other features that help people (and digital screening solutions) quickly identify important hiring characteristics.

Since most job seekers lack professional resume writing skills, CDI advises applicants to partner with certified resume writers who understand the nuances of crafting resumes for ATS technology as well as human recruiters and employers.


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