Women More Ambitious Than Men

New research shows that women have higher career aspirations than men, with women consistently seeking more education and higher paying jobs.

women-more-ambitious-than-menRecent Pew Research, statistical indicates that more young women aspire to be successful in a high-paying career than young men.

While two-thirds (66 percent) of women ages 18-34 ranked careers high on their list of priorities, a lower percentage (59 percent) of young men prioritized career in their list of goals.

In 1997, 56 percent of women and 58 percent of men listed career as a top priority, demonstrating that the gender gap in the prioritization of careers, education and earnings has emerged in just the past fifteen years.

Yet despite the disparity in career ambitions, the same study indicates that marriage and parenting are equally important to younger generations of men and women. The research showed that 86 percent of women and 82 percent of men deem marriage to be “very important” or “one of the most important things” in life.

When it comes to children, 95 percent of young women and 90 percent of young men identify parenting as a life priority, demonstrating near unanimity in the area of parenting and childrearing.

The accessibility of education may be one of the factors behind the rising importance of careers to women. Online education and distance learning provide greater flexibility and more options for students, allowing women to continue working full-time or in the home while taking classes that will ultimately advance their career prospects.

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