Young Job Hunters Concerned About Job Security

SimplyHired survey also shows that college grads are steering clear of startups in their search for employment. 


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A recent study revealed that students’ concerns about job security outweighed those for salary and benefits, and new grads were least likely to select a startup as a future employer.

Just 20 percent of the students surveyed had secured a job for after graduation, leaving the majority of college students actively seeking employment. Students surveyed were cautiously optimistic about opportunities in the job market after graduation, despite the current economy.

“The focus on job security is significant, as this year’s graduates entered college during the height of the recession,” said Gautam Godhwani, CEO of “We’re now beginning to see positive growth in opportunities for this generation of college grads. On, nearly 10 percent of the total job openings in our index are entry-level positions that require a college degree.”

Job Security: The Most Important Characteristic

When asked what was most important about a future employer, the majority of new college grads selected job security (33 percent) over other characteristics, including salary (23 percent) and healthcare and other benefits (23 percent). Students also hoped for stability in their first job, with the majority (41 percent) planning to stay with their employers for at least a year, and another 38 percent aiming to stay two or more years.

Where Do New Grads Want to Work?

Of this year’s graduates, only 4 percent named a startup as their ideal place to work. The majority of students would prefer to work at small or medium sized businesses (39 percent), and 27 percent were interested in joining a large corporation. A significant percentage (19 percent) chose the public sector as their ideal employer. For most new graduates, geographic flexibility is an important distinction, with 78 percent of students open to relocating for their first job.

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